It all began in the momentous year of 2011, I Gulam Rabbani founder of GR Aromatics have always found myself fascinated with fragrances and scents; finally in 2011 I mustered up the courage and laid the foundation for GR Aromatics, the overwhelming response helped me pursue my dream of preparing the world’s finest fragrances and scents.

True fragrance speaks for itself; I have always been mesmerized by the thought of what fragrances do famous people wear on their special occasions. I consider myself extremely fortunate as GR Aromatics is renowned worldwide for its extravagant perfumes.

We take inspiration from real life events and Mother Nature, preparing different scents for different occasions and events has remained our forte since the very beginning. We aspire to prepare fragrances which enhance and boost our customer’s personality and help them stand out from the crowd. Our long list of satisfied customers is a testimony to our claim.

Our wide range of perfumes offers liberty of choice as for each individual there is a unique fragrance. Our perfumes are manufactured in UK by the most dexterous and experienced perfumers, who take extreme pride in manufacturing scents which match your personal aura and uplift your charisma. Our skilled and agile perfumers convey abstract concepts and moods with multiple fragrance compositions.

Our fragrances are a sheer and masterful demonstration of art. Essence of a fragrance lies in its notes and we over the past few years have mastered the art of notes and have conjured out magical fragrances which stamp into the memories. Our delicately assembled notes are known for their elegance and sensual fragrances. Combining multiple and diverse scents using revolutionary alchemy techniques help us manufacture everlasting perfumes.

GR Aromatics is a rapidly growing perfume company, which aspires to transmogrify the fragrance industry through its extravagance fragrances and scents. Currently we are seeking expansion and are looking forward to join hands with distributors all over the globe, as we have been receiving tremendous response from every corner of the planet. In order to satisfy the needs of our dear customers we are planning to expand and are hoping to establish our outlets all over the globe.